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Performance Pack - for Athletes and the Very Active! 
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  • NeoLife Sport Performance Pack!


Athletes and physically active people require an abundant amount of nutrients because their bodies are constantly moving and burning off energy. Simply eating more may not be enough to meet the body’s increased needs for vitamins and minerals during training and exercise, especially since athletes tend to rely on high-energy sources.

Exercise and being active increases the demand for nutrients for a few reasons. First, increased activity means more nutrients are needed for the conversion of food into energy. Second, increased metabolic activity means greater exposure to free radicals, which leads to a greater need for antioxidant protection! Finally, increased energy production requires additional nutrients for increased waste elimination.

Athletes and active people need the same nutrients as anyone else, but they just need more of them to maintain high energy levels, promote endurance and maintain cellular protection!

Proper Nutrients Can Support Performance

■ Liver is a densely nutritious food that provides a synergistic array of nutrients appropriate for athletes and active people.
■ B vitamins play key roles in energy production and in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. B-vitamins can also support endurance.
■ Adequate iron intake supports the ability of the blood to transport oxygen to body tissues.
■ Selenium, vitamin C and vitamin E provide antioxidant protection.

Our Solution: NeoLife SPORT Performance Pack

The NeoLife SPORT Performance Pack meets the needs of every level of athleticism, from those who work out consistently to world-class professional athletes—it adequately provides the nutrients that the body needs to perform optimally.*

■ Each packet contains:

• 2 Endurance
Anti-fatigue nutrients to support energy & maximize endurance. Derived from 100% pure beef liver, free of growth hormones, antibiotics and pesticides.*

• 2 Chela-Sea M
Full-body support from unique sea sourced minerals including iron. Magnesium promotes red blood cell formation. Potassium stabilizes muscle contractions. Exclusive double amino acid chelation for enhanced absorption.*

• 1 Sports B & C
B vitamins support energy production and optimal red blood cell formation. Vitamin C supports immune strength. Threshold controlled delivery for maximum bioavailability.*

• 1 Selenium E
Selenium helps repair cellular damage. Natural Vitamin E helps protect muscle cells from oxidative damage. Plus key minerals and calcium.*

NeoLife SPORT Performance Pack is designed to stack on to Pro Vitality daily whole food nutrition pack.

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All NeoLife Nutritionals, including NeoLife Sport products, are available through our NeoLife Club. (Certain products may vary or not be available in Canada)

See my featured listing ‘Joining the NeoLife Club for USA and Canada’, for more information about the club.

Join today, and take advantage of all the benefits available to you as a member of the NeoLife Club!

It’s Time to Be Your Best!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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